Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Today I was out shopping in Tewksbury, and as well as a very nice ring...
 I bought this load of stamps! For the incredibly cheap price of only one pence each. I managed to buy 50 in total- but it was only 50p.
 These are some of my favourites. How come England doesn't have stamps with cheetahs and buses on?

I am seriuosly considering moving to Antigua, just to use these stamps. Side note, can you use old unused stamps from other countries as stamps on letters?
I know I want to do something crafty with them, but I'm not sure what. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you do, please let me know below!


  1. I think if you use foreign stamps on envelopes, especially if they're used (as the ones you've pictured are, they're all franked) then it counts as fraud because they'll assume you're trying to get away without paying for proper postage. Even putting them on as decoration can be dodgy for the same reason.
    As for crafty ideas, they'd look great covering a notebook! I'm jealous of your wonderful find, I collect stamps and I would be in absolute HEAVEN being able to buy them for 1p each! Was this in a shop, or at a market?
    M x

    1. It's a shame I can't use them on envelopes! I found them all at a charity shop- they had boxes and boxes, all of them donations.

    2. Thinking about it, I think if you want to use unused ones that make up the correct amount then you can use them to post, so for example if you had one marked 10p and one marked 50p then you could use them as it adds up to 60p so is worth the same as a first class stamp. But if they're old enough that they say 1d or shillings etc then it wouldn't work. You might want to check that though, I don't want you to risk getting in trouble if I'm wrong!
      That sounds like quite a find. I was in Oxford on Friday and found some lovely first day covers and stamps in a charity shop and picked a few up but they weren't quite as cheap as the ones you found!
      M x


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