Thursday, 17 May 2012

Make your own notebooks

These are cute notebooks I've been making recently- and for about one hundredth the price of a store bought one!

All you need for these super easy notebooks is a magazine page, A4 paper, an embroidery needle, embroidery thread, a gluestick, a pair of paper scissors and a pair to cut the thread.
(I have pinking shears here because I've lost my nice sharp embroidery ones!)
 Glue the magazine page to a piece of paper to strengthen it. You'll probably have to trim either the paper or the magazine page.
 Place the magazine page on top of a stack of A4 paper. Here I've used plain white, but it would look cute with coloured paper, graph paper, handmade paper... whatever you like!
 Fold the stack in half and make sure it's a nice sharp crease.

 Again, you'll probably need to trim the edges of the paper to get a neat finish.
 Thread your embroidery needle with coordinating thread- or a really bright, fun colour to stand out.
Open the notebook to the centre, and sew up along the crease. Tie a secure knot at the end, and you're done!

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  1. Fabulous idea and I can envision so many uses. Thanks for the inspiration.


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