Saturday, 26 May 2012

My almost finished first quilt!

 It's almost finished! Just the binding to go...


  1. Hi Alice, you commented on my blog but you are a no-reply blogger. That means I can't answer you question about's the reply I worte before I realised you were a 'no reply':
    Basting is the thing that makes for great quilting! I had many a failure because of not basting properly. Sometimes I pin baste, sometimes I tack the layers together and sometimes I spray. Whatever you use, the layers need to be well flattened and stretched and anchored with masking tape to a smooth base (I baste on a carpeted floor and it still works!)
    Start with small sample pieces about 18" square- just the three layers of fabric/batting/fabric. I use a walking foot for straight line quilting and a darning foot and lower the feed dogs for the stipple/meander type.
    There are plenty of YouTube videos that show you various stage!
    The most important aspect is practise!!! Every day if you can!

  2. Hi Alice, I love your quilt! The colours are so sunny and your fabrics are so pretty! Great pattern too. Congratulations on your first finished quilt!!


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