Tuesday, 10 April 2012

5 things I love- cupcakes!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been down at my grandma's! But now I'm back, and with another of the things that make me long to buy the product.... cupcakes. As well as cupcake emblazoned bags, scarves etc, I adore the little cupcake shops that are springing up everywhere. There is an especially nice one in Whitstable, whose name I have forgotten, but their cakes look absolutely amazing. They even sell cupcakes in ice cream cones. How cool is that?

Anyway, on with 5 things I love.

Set of 9 Sweet ATC CupCAKe, CaKe, baKEry BaCKGRouND PaPeRs ViNTaGe aNTiQUe DiGiTaL CoLLaGe sHeeT aLTeReD HaNG TaGs BooK JouRNaL SCRaPBooKiNGThese are cute background papers for scrapbooking, which have tempted me into trying to scrapbook!

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DELICIOUS CUPCAKE HAT - newborn hat - size 0 to 3 months- wool - photo prop
It's a cupcake. And a hat. What more could you want?

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Set of 2 Felt Cupcake Bobby pins - Felt Cupcake Hair Accesories - Felt Cupcake hairclipsThese cupcake hairclips are soo adorable, and totally handmade.

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Sleep Mask // Red Velvet Cupcakes // Sweet Dreams // Hand SewnMy sleep would be very peaceful with this cupcake sleepmask.

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Make Cupcakes, Not War - pin back button, badge, cabochon or toppers - 1 pinThis is going to be my motto for the rest of the week!

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Thanks to all the awesome etsy sellers who make these goods!

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