Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Remake a folder

This is super easy! Simply take an old, clear or coloured folder, a bottle of tacky glue, a paintbrush, a load of fabric scraps and a few vintage buttons. Spread the glue over a bit of the folder, using the paintbrush (so much easier than squeezing it out!), and stick down a few of the fabric scraps. Repeat until you've covered the whole folder. At this point you could cover it in sticky back plastic if it's going in a schoolbag or leave it be if you like the textures of the fabric. Stick one large button in the centre of the front- decorative, but also to remind you which side the front is, since it's pretty hard to tell. get smaller buttons, in all different shapes and colours, then stick them down the spine. Leave it to dry and you're finished!

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