Monday, 16 April 2012

More projects with book pages

Today I want to show you some of the projects I've been working on using an old book. I really love the look of yellowed old book pages- kind of sad, that they are in disrepair, but also the perfect material for making things for booklovers!

 These bookmarks are really easy to make- just cut out a rectangle of card, cover it with scraps of old book pages, punch a hole through the top, thread a ribbon through and tie a nice big secure knot.

The bunting is a little trickier. I designed it with a union jack (should be union flag, I know, but union jack just sounds better) because of the upcoming jubilee and union jacks are a popular design right now.

Basically, to make one flag, cut out 3 triangles from the book pages the same size, wash 2 with watercolour paint- one red and one blue. Cut out a diagonal cross from the plain triangle, and stick it onto the blue. Cut out a normal cross from the red and stick it on top.

Make about 9 or 10 flags, then thread a needle with ine ribbon, and stich your way along the row. Tie knots at both ends and blutack up. Done!

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