Thursday, 23 February 2012

5 things I love

These 5 things I love are all owl themed...because owls are just obviously amazing. Obviously.

Owl felt gadget / phone case. Free shipping 

 Who wouldn't love a felt owl iPod case? Just plain awesome.

Owl Cushion - Green
So, so cute!! they sell these in Lizzie Bunting, Ross-on-Wye. You can buy them online too here.

owl decor - owl art print -  vintage dictionary print - vintage owl home decorThis owl print is such a good idea. Owls on newspaper? Count me in.

Owl Keychain, Whooo Loves You, Hand Stamped, great gift for family and friends, Best SellerOwl keyrings- I want it now!

Stained Glass Owl Pendant
This glass pendant is very cute. I especially love that blue, and the lovely little eyes.

Soon the next half of the quilted bag will be up. Now for a question. What's the best thing you've ever found on Etsy?

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