Saturday, 18 February 2012

My top 5 crafty blogs

Before I started this blog, I read a LOT of other crafty blogs, and I still read them because they are AMAZING! I wish that I was that good at blogging. But on with the list we go...

No. 5 : Sew, Mama, Sew! This blog is an extension of their shop, and offers great insights into the world of craft. They have a lot of guest bloggers, so there's great variety in the tutorials, patterns and posts.

Welcome!No. 4 : Doll Doll Dolly. I think this is a great blog, with some inspirational posts like "Craft with Confidence". She also sells on Etsy under Doll Doll Dolly, so head over and have a look!
No. 3: Bugs and Fishes. I couldn't find a button to grab on this lovely blog, but instead I used a picture of her new book! Lupin crafts for a living and as well as things from her shops, she has free tutorials, giveaways and tips. 
Moda Bake ShopNo. 2 This isn't really a blog, but the Moda bakeshop offers such amazing free tutorials, I thought I'd include it anyway. It's bakery themed, with the tutorials called 'recipies' the contributors 'chefs' and the main blog 'the bakery'
InstagramWallNo. 1 A Beautiful Mess. This is the lifestyle blog of Elsie Larson, and the picture here is of one of my favourite projects, the instagram photo wall. She ranges from projects, beauty recipies and decor, to photography and outfits! It's a great blog, basically.  

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