Friday, 17 February 2012

Tree bookmarks- TUTORIAL

These sweet bookmarks are inspired by the cold weather, and I wanted something in warm, bright colours to cheer me up!

Scraps of red, yellow, orange, burgundy, dark brown and light brown felt.
White thread
A needle (Big enough eye to fit doubled up thread through)

How to

Cut a long thin rectangle from dark brown felt, and a circle from the light brown. These will form the body of your bookmark. It looks good cut with pinking shears, but if you don't have any, just use normal scissors. Then cut about 3 or 4 leaf shapes from the red, yellow, burgundy and orange.

Thread the needle with doubled up thread, and using backstitch, sew together the circle and rectangle. Go over your stitches again, to secure the pieces together properly, because this is the main body of your bookmark.
Position your first leaf in place, then backstitch along the center of it with the doubled up thread. The stiches look like the vein of the leaf, and show up best in white, though you can try other colours as well.
Continue adding leaves, and try to position them so that they aren't all facing outwards. Vary your stiches as well, with random ones bigger or smaller so it looks more natural. Another tip is that if a leaf doesn't fit in the space, trim it down! It won't look as good if the leaf shapes are all exactly the same. 
Ta-daa! These bookmarks are great even out of autumn, and they can be adapted to any season.
This tutorial is for non-commercial purposes only.

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