Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bag tutorial part 2

This is the second part of the tutorial I posted a couple of days ago.

 Using the side of the bag as a template, cut out 2 pieces of wadding slightly bigger than the bag. then using the wadding as a template, cut out 2 pieces of lining fabric bigger then the wadding. Pin the the 2 sets of pieces together.
 With black thread, start quilting at one corner. Use the edges to steer in gentle curves, going first up one row, then down the other, and up the last.

The curves should look something like this.

Repeat with the other set of pieces.Remove all pins, trim the edges and threads.

Using the edge of a fat quarter, cut out 2 roughly 3 1/2 inch strips from fabric A and B for the straps.

 Sew the 2 strips of the same colour together.
 Fold them lengthways, and sew along the edge.
 Turn it inside out, then repeat with the other 2 strips.
 Sew the onto the bag halves, one on each, with a rectangle. Sew along the diagonals of the rectangle for extra strength.
Place the 2 halves of the bag RS together, and sew arond them, with a 1 inch seam allowance.
 Trim around the edges, and cut the corners diagonally. Turn the right way out.
 Take strips of fabric C, and use it to bind the bag.
Ta Daa! A quilted bag.

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