Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 things I love - bunting!

As you may of been able to tell from the abundance from it on my cards yesterday, I just LOVE bunting! Whether on cards, bags, purses, or just bunting, it's guaranteed to suck me into buying it. (You may have noticed that a lot of things suck me into buying them. Hmmm..) So, of course, I had to do a 5 things I love bunting. Of course I did.

Multi Coloured Spotty Bunting                                                 
5. Multicoloured spotty bunting from the cotton bunting company is rather amazing. It's just so spotty! And triangulary! Is that even a word? I don't care!

Pencil case, zippered pouch, Bunting
4. It's a pencilcase... with bunting. I am longing for it, longing for it's far superior ability to hold pencils.

3. Mini pennant fabric banner - bunting in pink, turquoise, and yellowAaah, the multicoloured amazing properties of multi coloured bunting. doesn't it just lift your mood after a hard day?

2. Nautical Bunting Necklace : Handmade kitsch British seaside Jewelry pendantBunting jewelry? Count me in! I love the nautical feel of the colours. It looks great, and the ceramic look is great.

1. Stationery Thank You Cards with Bunting Flag in RainbowI think these notecards look awesome, and the colours look really vibrant agaisnt the brown.


Hope you enjoyed!

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