Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tutorial- easy storage tins

Todays tutorial is based around two illy coffee tins I got from my dad, which I wanted an easy way to customize without the hassle of buying paint.

Decorated storage tins!

These are really easy and great for storing make-up, jewelry and any other random bits and bobs.


Pink paper
Yellow card
As many tins as you want to decorate
Tacky Glue
Two felt flowers big enough to cover the lid
Felt tip pen

First of all we are going to do the lids. Paint them with glue, and press down the felt brooch, holding it in place for abput 10-15 seconds to make sure it sticks.

Now cut out two long ovals from the yellow card, and write on them what you are going to store.
Cut a strip of pink paper long enough to fit round the tin, and wide enoughto cover it up whilst leaving a gap for the lid to screw down onto.

Put a dab of glue onto the centre of the sign, and stick it on to the tin.

Decorate the tin with buttons etc.

Fill the tin up, pop on the lid, and ta-daa! An easy storage solution.

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