Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bedroom makeover

Today was the day I finally battled that horrific beast- the mess in my bedroom. Just to give you an idea of how messy it was, look at the picture!

Aaaah, paper patterns and hats everywhere!

My sewing area is a little bit of a mess...

As is the fabric underneath it!

You can't actually get in, there's so much stuff. My trombone, schoolbag, slippers, three other bags, P.E. socks, an empty P.E. bag, school books, two jackets, one raincoat, a hoodie, a pair of shoes, some trombone mutes, several books- that's just that tiny section.

Halfway through tidying, this is what my bed looked like. Seriously, and there was more heaoed on my table and chair. I have so much stuff!

And now we come to the afters. My sewing area, neat and tidy at last.

 All my crafty bits and bobs stacked nicely on the windowsill.

Beauty products galore!
I seriously have 28 nail polishes. Not sure why, as I can't exactly wear them to school...

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  1. I've been tidying my room for the last three months and I'm still not done! You're nowhere near as bad as me :p.

    Also, that jar of buttons on your windowsill is lovely. I think button collections always look best in a nice jar :).


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